Internet com valor jurídico

The DIGITAL CERTIFICATE is your credential in the electronic universe. The Certificate allows you to sign documents, send communications and make transactions over the Internet, all with speed, convenience, security and legal validity.

The digital certificate is an electronic document that provides proof of identity of a person, a company or site, to secure online transactions and electronic exchange of documents, messages and data with the presumption of legal validity.

Several segments of the economy already use the certification in their activities. These areas use technology to certify the authenticity of the senders and recipients of electronic documents, ensuring their privacy and inviolability.

The DIGITAL CERTIFICATE provides integrity, confidentiality, proof, non-repudiation and legal value in the processing of bureaucratic processes in electronic transactions.



The e-CPF (electronic register of natural person) is your identification on the Internet. With it, you can sign electronic documents with legal validity, authenticate on sites, perform services regarding tax collection as natural person or entities from which you are the legal representative.

The e-CNPJ (electronic national register of legal entities) is the identification of your company. With it, you can sign electronic documents with legal validity, authenticate on sites and perform services regarding tax collection.


• Save time and reduce costs

• Non-bureaucratized process

• Legal validity of electronic documents

• Possible elimination of paper

• Security Internet Authentication

Learn about the benefits:

Confidentiality: this technology certifies and authenticates senders and recipients of electronic documents, ensuring your privacy and inviolability.

Competitive advantage: saving and costs reduction.

Economy: significant cost reduction compared to the methods of traditional identity verification.

Efficacy evidence: the document is shielded against changes and receives the time stamping which ensures the date of its existence.

Integrity of document: dthe document receives technical and legal elements which guarantee the inviolability of the content.


• Signing of any document

• Bids

• Tax Collection Agencies

• Financial and accounting area

• Judiciary Body

Target Public:

• Companies

• Natural Persons

• Health Sector

• Education Sector

Certificates by Application


Specific certificate
to issue electronic



The best certificate
for signing medical
records and other
medical applications



A certificate for tax
collection agencies
in order to control
international trade



(Brazilian Public Digital
Bookkeeping System)
A certificate for signing
and sending SPED






The certificate is your electronic credential in the electronic universe. The Certificate allows you to sign documents, send communications and make all transactions over the Internet with speed, convenience, security and legal validity through MP 2200-2.

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